Norwegian Design - case study: HALTENBANKEN

I boken Norwegian Design blir 32 av Norges beste designbyråer representert. Hver og en er presentert blant annet med et redaksjonelt skrevet case-studie over to sider som gir et godt bilde av hvordan byråene bygger verdier for sine kunder. HBO AS har trykket og produsert boken med det Stockholms-baserte forlaget Young Rascal AB som utgiver. Creuna har stått for design. Boken kan kjøpes ved å kontakte meg på HBO AS - tlf. 922 04 159 - eller epost

Her er introduksjon av HALTENBANKEN sitt case-studie med Vestnes.

”Unique” is a greatly misused epithet. It is perhaps especially common in creative industries, where there is an excessive delight in pasting this label on projects. However, in the case of Haltbanken and their work for Vestnes Municipality, using the word unique would be no exaggeration. The entire process of redesigning the Vestnes shopping street, from beginning to end, carries a seal of approval. Perhaps most importantly, it demonstrates a successful cross-fertilisation between design and architecture, and not least a dedicated customer who actively participated in the decision-making process.

”This has been a project that, unlike most of our jobs, is not short-lived. Vestnes’ new look is likely to survive long after I am no longer around”, says Truls Indrearne, designer and manager at Haltenbanken design agency.

Vestnes is located in Møre and Romsdal on the Norwegian west coast, and is where about 7 000 people call home. It’s not a big town, but back in the 1600s it used to be an important link between the larger cities Bergen and Trondheim.

”The old classic postal route between Trondheim and Bergen went right through today’s shopping street in Vestnes”, says Indrearne.

Imagine all the historical letters, love letters and important messages that have passed through this little community!
However, like many other small towns, it’s not at all easy to get national media exposure on what’s going on in Vestnes today. Creating public attention was an important goal when the Vestnes municipality administration decided to make new plans for the town centre. The municipality was eager to find solutions that could connect Vestnes’ inhabitants with the history of the place.

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