Norwegian Design - case study: ITERA GAZETTE

I boken Norwegian Design blir 32 av Norges beste designbyråer representert. Hver og en er presentert blant annet med et redaksjonelt skrevet case-studie over to sider som gir et godt bilde av hvordan byråene bygger verdier for sine kunder. HBO AS har trykket og produsert boken med det Stockholms-baserte forlaget Young Rascal AB som utgiver. Creuna har stått for design. Boken kan kjøpes ved å kontakte meg på HBO AS - tlf. 922 04 159 - eller epost

Her er introduksjon av ITERA GAZETTE sitt case-studie med Amedia.

Itera by Itera Gazette got the ultimate design challenge in creating the visual profile for a media group that no one had heard of yet. When building a new brand, a visual identity is important from an early stage. It can convey content and strategy through a visual language, and add in building reputation. Amedia was carved out from the two media brands A-pressen and Edda Media. When the two merged, they became the second largest media group in Norway. But long before the organisational and strategic basis was settled and made official, Itera Gazette got the assignmentto prepare the new media group’s logo and visual identity.

”We got to be part of uncovering their soul and build a modern, new media group”, says Einar B. Strømstad, copy writer and senior advisor at Itera Gazette. The design and communications agency also developed and designed the website, a digital company presentation, a film and all marketing material. Strømstad says it was challenging starting out with so little information.

Only a handful of people within the organisation itself was informed about and involved in the project. ”We didn’t have a lot to work with, there wasn’t even an organisational chart when we started. The whole organisation was being built at the same time.” Amedia’s corporate management had decided that they wanted a written logo, as they did not want any distracting discussions around the use of a symbol. Becoming a media group consisting of many different brands, they did not need a pure brand logo either.

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