Norwegian Design - case study: MELKEVEIEN

I boken Norwegian Design blir 32 av Norges beste designbyråer representert. Hver og en er presentert blant annet med et redaksjonelt skrevet case-studie over to sider som gir et godt bilde av hvordan byråene bygger verdier for sine kunder. HBO AS har trykket og produsert boken med det Stockholms-baserte forlaget Young Rascal AB som utgiver. Creuna har stått for design. Boken kan kjøpes ved å kontakte meg på HBO AS - tlf. 922 04 159 - eller epost

Her er introduksjon av MELKEVEIEN sitt case-studie med Avinor.

When Snøhetta Design got the job to design the visual identity for Avinor, the company running the Norwegian airport network, they called graphic designer Magnus Rakeng at Melkeveien design to create the new font.

Rakeng has created the typography of Norwegian telecommunications provider Telenor’s logo, covers for the Norwegian editions of Harry Potter and album covers for artists such as Bjørn Eidsvåg, Anne Grete Preus and Hellbillies. He has been part of many award-winning projects and is widely known for his abilities in logo development and font design. During the past decade he and the five other designers at Melkeveien have contributed to the visual identity of several major Norwegian companies, including Statoil and Tine, by giving them their very own touch on the alphabet.

”Melkeveien is small enough to allow us to try many different things. We do identity, graphic design, font work and illustration for a broad range of clients. We believe in sticking to our core business and staying small, cooperating with other firms on larger jobs”, says Rakeng, who is one of Melkeveien’s founding partners.

Avinor operate 46 airports in Norway and is responsible for air traffic control towers, control centres and technical infrastructure for aircraft navigation. The design should reflect on a company’s business and values, work well visually and be recognisable and suitable in both a large and smaller format, says Rakeng. He adds that when an assignment includes letters, they must emphasise and reflect on the same values and identity as the other design elements. If you use a font that is accessible to everyone else, you won’t get the tailoring and extra pizzazz.

”Why spend time and energy on creating a visual identity, and then use fonts that everybody else can use? It gives a special value when it is your own letters, that have been specially made for you”, says Rakeng.

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